Bryn Mawr College will host JupyterDay Philly on Friday, May 19, 2017, 9am to 5pm. The theme of JupyterDay Philly is “Transformative Teaching with the Jupyter Notebook.”


JupyterDay Philly will be a day-long exploration of way to use the free and open-source Jupyter notebook to transform teaching in multiple disciplines.

A software that is for developing open-source software and at the same time helps for interactive computing through a long list of programming language. There are much more options for other interactive development environments as well that show different development platforms at all times. There is a lot of such popular in improving studies in which there are more subjects that are present in such complex computation techniques like, Data Science, Scientific Computing and even machine learning.

It is extendable which means newer components can be added to it and is in modules thus making it easy to transport and can be copied module wise and then installed properly.

Coding, visualizations can all be done using the Jupyter Notebook technology and it helps with an application that helps with data cleaning and then the respective transformation. Similarly numerical simulation and then the modeling of statistical information and the data visualization along with helping out with machine language applications as well.

The biggest advantage of Jupyter is that there are a lot of languages are supported by this thus helping out more and more applications at the same time. The prominent programming solutions are done one way or the other. The notebooks can be shared among the users through different data-sharing platforms to help out through with the Jupyter Notebook. The code can be developed in different ways as much as possible thus showing more and more representations one way or the other.

The use of such information in integration with big Data processes also happens to keep developing thus helping the user to ensure that one way or the other such that more valid work can be done as well. There is an authentication process along with friendly content and more data is also available. There are more helpful hints as well to help the person using the technology to make better and useful thus using them effectively. This increases the scope of the technology thus making sure that people get more and more practiced using the platform.

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