There is a lot of stress being given to the interaction between humans and technology. The fast pace at which the innovations are happening is difficult to keep up with. Like everything else technology also has advantages and disadvantages. The way technology is invading all aspects of our lives it affects our relationships, our personal and professional lives. When the technology first moved here, into this area of the family, it was soon clear that it can bring the members of a family closer or tear them apart, depending on how they use technology. More and more parents are complaining about their children spending too much time with their gadgets and not enough with other members of the family. There are different ways a divide can be created between two generations because of technology.

  1. Texting or playing video games by its very nature are isolating. You can play video games with other people but they are either friends or complete strangers but rarely your parents. Children feel the need to connect with their peers very strongly.
  2. Many parents though understand the technology and use it in their daily lives, are still not able to keep up to date with the latest trends. This often creates a gap between the two generations. Some parents fear technology and don’t want to adapt in any way. This also puts a strain on the relationship.
  3. The children have a lot of independence now when it comes to meeting or talking to their friends and don’t need permission from parents. Earlier, they had to use the one phone in the house and there was another parent at the other end of the phone. Now, it is so easy to connect with friends that kids do it all the time and as a result, ignore their parents.
  4. Sometimes the parents are equally to be blamed. They also spend a lot of time watching TV, or on their mobile phones. In most families, both mother and father are working and are busy with their jobs. They need time to relax and as long as the kids don’t trouble them they are alright with the kids spending time with their gadgets.
  5. With advances in artificial intelligence newer gadgets are being developed which act as a part of the family. Kids and even parents are happy to talk to this gadget and enjoy the interactions. This results in family members not talking to each other but to the gadget.

Technology like any other invention has two sides. It is for families to realize what is good for them. Each family will have a different need and will try to find the best way to integrate technology into their family.