This is about the complete guide for the traders who wish to trade with the crypto currencies in the crypto market. This will surely be a welcome note to such people who are eager to plunge into the pool of crypto currencies. This guide leads to the roads of fiat to crypto trading, storing crypto currencies and crypto trading. Once a person is trained, then the trader can use BTC Profit System to gain profit.

  • Fiat to crypto trading: Exchanges are the one that connects the normal world to the crypto world. There are many exchanges available, but before one finds the exchange of their preference; there are some specifications to be kept in mind. One should be careful invalidity, reputation, exchange rates, and safety. Based on these attributes, one should do complete research before selection. Once the exchange is chosen, the account signs up and creation turns out to be a simple process. Basic information like name, mail id and a password is given in finish the signup process. After this, phone number verification is done. In the same step, the payment method is also entered. The payment is done in usual manner through bank account or wire transfer or through debit card. One has to carefully read the term and conditions before proceeding.
  • Storing crypto currencies: The crypto currencies are stored in wallets for buying and selling the crypto currencies.
  • Crypto trading: One can start trading crypto currencies through:
    • Coinbase: It is a popular exchange for crypto currencies. It is an excellent platform for beginners. The crypto currencies are bought with USD.
    • Binance: It is a Malta-based crypto exchange. It offers around 200 trading pairs. It also one of the popular exchanges in the world.
    • Bittrex: It is an exchange working from the year of 2013. It is a secured exchange that is well known amidst all crypto traders. It is a US-based exchange. It is a superb platform for the crypto to crypto trading system.
    • Bitfinex: This exchange is found in 2012 in the place of Hong Kong. The trading pairs are available in USD, EUR, and GBP.
    • BitMEX: This is well suited for the traders who are well experienced and prefer an advanced trading system. This is considered one of the busiest form of exchanges.

Now you have become a complete crypto trader. There are many sites available to carry out such trading. Here is the weblink that paves for you start the trading with the crypto currencies. BTC Profit System is one such software that users can prefer.