Anyone who loves books with a lot of passion feels that the job of a librarian is the best possible one. There is a feeling that this job is easy and does not require too much work. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The job of a librarian is neither simple nor easy. Nowadays more and more digital libraries are coming up and a librarian’s job is only getting more complex. Let us take a look at some of the main things a librarian is supposed to do.

  1. Helping People: this is probably the most important and the topmost priority of any librarian. From keeping the books in the correct order to ordering new books depending on what the readers want, a librarian should aim to make sure that people are able to read the books they want. Helping people with things like finding information, arranging story sessions for kids, and, making the library a place where people are welcome are important.
  2. Community: the library is generally a community resource, so the librarian plays an important role in being one of the binders of the community. Some librarians bring out a newsletter with the important and required information. They may also hold events which will bring people together.
  3. Cataloging: librarians have to keep the books in order so that people can find them easily. Indexing and cataloging the books are of prime importance. With new technology, it has become more streamlined, but there are more resources now to look after.
  4. Administration: if it is a big library, the librarian will have many administrative duties. These may include budgeting, hiring, training, and, managing staff. Maintenance of computers and projectors and other equipment may also be a responsibility. They may also be responsible for purchasing. In smaller libraries, it is mostly a one-person show. In bigger libraries, there are more books and bigger staff and a librarian’s job is more complex.
  5. Skills: the foremost skill required for a librarian is interpersonal and communication skill. Apart from these, a librarian also should have computer knowledge and understand the processes. A librarian should be a book lover and should bring passion to work and not just do it like a forced job. If you are looking to become a librarian, then navigate to this site and get more information. It is better to do a course and study to become a librarian. It will make you more professional and also better at your job.