Digital Humanities is the study of the intersecting areas between digital technologies and the discipline of Humanities. On one side it looks into how technology can be used in the field of humanities and on the other side it also reflects on the application of technology. It is a new way to pursue learning and is more collaborative and broad ways of researching. Let us look at some of the interesting ways technology is intersecting with humanities.

  1. Technology can make humans perform better. For businesses, it can mean that they have a better and more capable workforce. With technology, it is possible to improve physically, emotionally and cognitively. The technological advances happening now mean that people are benefitting in a variety of wonderful ways.
  2. It is possible that in many ways machines can replace humans. It can be great in areas where humans have to work in dangerous conditions. It is also good where people have to perform repetitive tasks. It can increase productivity and also give uniformly good results. The other side of machines replacing humans is that many people may lose jobs and be out of the workforce.
  3. The best thing would be to see humans and machines working alongside each other and not as replacements. New robots are being designed to work side by side with humans. They can assist and be a good partner with a whole lot of information and other resources available to them easily.
  4. If machines and systems learn to understand humans and their environment then the interaction becomes better in quality. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. It is the ability to learn from humans and adapting accordingly which improves a system.
  5. Just like artificial intelligence, humans also need to learn and understand the machines and the way they work. As the machines get smarter and more capable humans should learn to trust them and allow the machines to work to their potential. There are a lot of innovations going on which are people to connect to the robots and machines better.
  6. The best thing with humans and machines interacting is that both get smarter and are able to perform better. Try and use the Tesler App. You will see how wonderfully the machine or the robot responds to you and you find that you are getting better at trading thanks to the robot. The technological advances are happening at such a fast pace that it is inevitable that humans and machines will work together in a number of areas. This interaction will result in a beneficial situation for both parties.