Keeping Up PhillyDH

Would you do me a quick favor? Please send an email to just letting me know that you saw this blog post. A “yes, I saw the post” is all that is needed.

A few months ago I made a similar request in the Google discussion group. The response was encouraging enough to convince me that the discussion group continued to fulfill a useful function for the local DH community. I had intended to follow up quickly to see if this website was fulfilling a similarly useful function, but am only now getting to it.

If you both read this blog and follow the Google discussion group, you have probably noticed that this blog consists mostly, but not entirely, of repostings of notices from the discussion group (with occasional gaps when I don’t have the time to make a post in a timely fashion). The site just passed its fifth birthday a few days ago and has been showing its digital age for a while now. A recent attempt to update the site with a calendar of events was thwarted by backend problems. If you are interested in helping to make this site more useful for the community, or indeed in reviving any of the currently dormant aspects of PhillyDH, please let me know at the same email address. Perhaps we can use the “Help Organize” tab at the top to start working on strategies.


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