Sign up! Goals and Tasks for PhillyDH

PhillyDH is going to try out a new format for achieving our goals and collaborating. Starting in December, we will be holding working meetings monthly from 6:30-7:30 at Chemical Heritage Foundation on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. This means the next meeting is on December 10. This purposefully coincides with the GLAM Cafe event that occurs from 5-9 on the same schedule.

Below is a list of areas we identified as things PhillyDH wants to or should be doing. This list will change over time. If you think something is missing let us know and we can add it! For each monthly meeting you plan to attend, please pick one of the broader items listed below you would like to assist with and make it known (for the time being you can comment here or email Matt Shoemaker). This is so people can know ahead of time what they would like to work on and quickly form working groups when they arrive. Please be sure to make your selection public no later than 1 week before the meeting. If things need to change the day of the working meeting that is fine, but please express your interest for the session early so those interested in the same area can join in.

This will be moving to a page or other section of the website, but for the moment this list will remain as an event on the front page. See you on December 10!

—–Website evaluation/structure changes and implementation (Website focus for January) [David Upsal, Alex Beaton]
—–Fix profiles (theme issue) and improve their functionality
—–Add all ways to connect with PhillyDH (google group, meetup, linkedin, twitter, etc.)
———-Prominent GLAM Cafe link (ideally with “monthly meeting” text)
—–Construction of a calendar (currently, front page serving as upcoming events reminder)
———-For time being, David Upsal and John Theibault will make sure events posted to google group get to the home page
—–Create an intro to DH page/example projects/new projects page(s) [Cat Lu]
———-This page(s) needs to be regularly groomed, especially if projects, etc. are regularly added

-Programming [Nicole Joniec, Matt Shoemaker, Matt Herbison]
—–Staple events, 3-4 annually?
———-Philly Tech Week Event April 4-12, 2014
———[email protected]… (see [email protected] from 2013)
———-Unconferences and other models
—–Workshops for improving DH related skills
———-Software Programming (Laura Chance offered to lead organizing for spring 2014)
———-(additional topics, need speaker/leader/project/workshop/etc.)

-Outreach [Matt Herbison, ]
—–Our relationship to other DH groups
———-Survey of other group projects/issues/trends
———-Establish/build relationships with other DH groups (locally/nationally/internationally)
———-GLAM Cafe
—–Our relationship to DH related but not DH specific groups
—————NextFab Studio
———-Coding groups
—————Girl Develop It
———-Other groups
—————Philadelphia Game Lab
—–General survey of issues/trends
———-issues/trends relating to specific audiences
—————(Additional groups)

-Doing DH [Margaret Graham, Kelli Massa]
—–Organizing and designing a PhillyDH run, created and maintained DH project [Doreva Belfiore]
—–Assisting others with their projects (ties to outreach)
———-Incubator (ties to programming)
———-Planning and consulting
———-Profiles and skill inventory of PhillyDH members (ties to website)
———-GLAM Cafe (ties to outreach)
—–Volunteer opportunities/How you can help

—–Rethinking the PhillyDH mission statement
—–Linked open data


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